UNCLAS 2.0 Call for Papers 6 June 2020

Crowd-Sourcing NZ National Security

On 6 June 2020 (Hat Tip to the 1944 D-Day Normandy landings), New Zealand’s only dedicated national security blog is opening its publishing platform to crowd-sourced material.

This makes sense from many perspectives. The whole aim of the blog is to promote and sustain a better public conversation about New Zealand’s national security. As we move toward a critical election this year, it’s vital that everyone can participate in the discussion on where we think policies, laws and other initiatives should be focussed.

Critical questions persist. How big should our Defence Force be and what capabilities should it have? Reserve Force size and functions? What is the proper role of Police and prisons in a liberal, free society? How do we strike the best balance between safety and trade in regard to customs, border control, immigration and biosecurity? Then there’s assets to protect like fisheries and the environment. Did I mention health risks like pandemics and the proper use of civil defence/emergency management powers? How stable is our society? Is it fragmenting into subsets? Who should we be allied with internationally or should we be neutral? How should we treat our veterans?

Regardless of whether you’re serving, retired, uniformed, suited, academic, student, veteran,  or just really interested, we want to hear from you. A submissions page will be up soon. In the meantime, pitch your proposal through the UNCLAS Contacts page.

We will consider all formats – opinion pieces, working papers, vlogs, podcasts. It doesn’t even have to be non-fiction. If you’ve got a great fiction piece that embraces NZ’s national security themes then we’d love to see it. We will consider works that have been previously published as long as the current platform is cool with that.

If you’re in a sensitive role and want to publish anonymously, just add a paragraph or two explaining to the editors why that’s important to you.

In future, there will be calls for works on specific subjects. These won’t mean others are not considered. From now till the election, we are most interested in what you would like to see political parties offering up as national security policy this September.

So that’s it! UNCLAS is open for your writing and recording.

Simon Ewing-Jarvie

Founding Editor – UNCLAS 2.0

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A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle
A Poke in the Fifth Eye by Simon Roberts. Book Cover. Available on Amazon Kindle