5 Sep – Today in Military History

An auspicious day today with the birth, in 1987, of noted infantry tactician, author, musician and sports star Captain Tim Ewing-Jarvie. The recent wars on drugs are really nothing new. In 1839, the First Opium War began in China. The Treaty of Portsmouth was signed in 1905 concluding the Russo-Japanese War; US President Theodore Roosevelt will receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his role as mediator.  In 1914, The Battle of Marne began during which French and British forces prevented a German advance on Paris. Apparently, French taxis rushed troops to the front, meters patriotically ticking all the way. The Battle at Alam Halfa ended on this day in 1942 and Germany launched its first V-2 missile at Paris in 1944.  11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage and later killed by the Palestinian Black September group at the Munich Olympics in 1972. From the ‘didn’t end well’ files, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged Arabs, in 1990, to rise against the West.